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Dear Emailing Entrepreneur,

What if you could get a torrential downpour of new sales flooding into your business every time you send an email?

And, if you are thinking you don't have a massive email list or you have no existing list at all, we'll even show you:
  • The FASTEST way to get BIG email lists full of buyer intent prospects
  • Within a FEW HOURS
  • WITHOUT the need for paid traffic
YES! That's right, you no longer need to rely on Facebook, Google or YouTube (or any other platform for that matter)
RIGHT NOW, there are really only 4 ways of getting traffic:
They all work and can be effective, but here's the problem...
  • SEO can be hugely competitive & complicated, not forgetting time consuming. But also it's difficult to know when you'll start seeing results from your efforts and whether what you are doing will even work.
  • FREE TRAFFIC takes a LOT of work and consistency. But it's also not very scalable for the most part. It's usually not a good way to get started as results are not quick.
  • PAID TRAFFIC is usually the quickest way, but it does require deep pockets and skill in knowing how to convert cold traffic into customers.
  • EMAIL is the BEST way to get traffic, specifically COLD EMAILS. Emails get delivered almot instantly and you an start seeing results ALMOST IMMEDIATELY. It's still considered to be the number 1 traffic source since the beggining of internet marketing.
However, in order to make email marketing work you need to know 2 things:
  • A system for sending emails reliably in bulk
  • An active email list of potential buyers for your products and services.
Sending emails in bulk has been a BIG problem for many marketers for a number of reasons:
  • How to ensure you are compliant with the various rules and regulations around emailing (CAN-SPAM Act etc)
  • How to get your emails in the INBOX and not be delivered in the SPAM/PROMOTIONS filters
  • How to mail large lists cost effectively. Most providers are charging hundreds of dollars a month to mail large lists, which just isn't possible for the average user.
  • Importing large lists has lots of checks and compliance to go through before you are able to send to them and frequently get rejected!
Just check the prices below of emailing to large lists from some of the mailing service providers!
And digging in deeper you can see that being able to send bulk emails in a cost-efficient manner has been a problem for lots of small businesses and internet marketers for a long time.

Just see below, for all the people searching for a bulk email solution...

(This is just a few of the 100s of posts we found where people are looking for a solution to do bulk emailing!)
Now, if you do manage to figure out a bulk emailing solution the next problem is actually making sure your emails get in the INBOX and don't sit in the SPAM or PROMO Tab.

Typically, you'd have to warm up a domain, send a bunch of test emails and slowly start mailing your list in batches and growing that with each send.

Some people simply don't have the know-how to be able to execute soo many steps. It's SLOW, TEDIOUS to do this manually but more importantly you have no idea whether you are doing it correctly, and so you could be doing more harm than good unknowingly.

Ultimately, if your domain gets a bad reputation, you now have an even bigger task of getting back in the Inbox.

It's a massive problem that not everyone has the technical ability to solve.
Hopefully, You Should Be Able To See Now Why Bulk Emailing Has Been A Massive Problem For Many?
Now you’re probably thinking a few things…

- ”What's the solution for bulk mailing?”
- ”How to ensure that my emails actually get delivered to the Inbox?”
- "How to warm up my IPs to ensure my emails continue to get in the Inbox
- "How to do all this without it costing me a fortune every month"

This is where the secret sauce comes into play.

Let us introduce you to ANNE.

A Bulk Emailing Software Using Google

No complicated setup or ongoing maintenance, as Google handles all that for you, allowing you to just focus on emailing.

Amazing Deliverability Direct To The Inbox

Because your email is being sent through Google almost every email is going straight to the inbox. Next to no Spam or Promo Tab issues at all with our continual Warmup processes.

Cost Effective - We Don't Charge Based On List Size

You've already seen how much most other mailing software charge for mailing big lists. Well ANNE isn't going to cost you anywhere near that.

Automated IP Warmup To Keep You Out of Spam

For every email address we provide a warmup process to get engagement on your emails, to ensure that your emails continue to go into the Inbox. Never worry about How to do this again.

Email Contact List Verification

Great deliverability is achieved by sending to the right email addresses. All you uploaded emails are validated and any unvalidated emails get removed improving your deliverability
But if you thought that was all, then just wait till you use it. Becuase unlike many other solutions, you don't need a master's degree to work out all the settings and the ins and out of how to get it to work.

It's just 3 simple steps.
  • Upload Your Contact List
  • ​Create Your Email Message
  • Press 'Start' Button To Get Your Emails Sent Out
...and One By One ANNE goes to work sending the message to all your contacts.

It really is THAT SIMPLE.

Now some of you at this stage will be wondering "What Happens If I Don't Have An Email List? - How Can I Use ANNE?"

Well, you are not alone. We mentioned earlier that one of the problems with bulk mailing is finding a responsive buyers email list.


...Simply use ANNE's built-in "Leads Finder" here☟
Using this incredible AI-powered leads finder software you can...

✔️ Scrape Instagram Hashtags
✔️ Scrape Facebook & FB Groups
✔️ Scrape LinkedIn & LinkedIn Groups
✔️ Scrape YouTube
✔️ Scrape Twitter
✔️ Scrape TikTok

...without ever having to log in to ANYTHING!

Combined that's well over 1 BILLION LEADS!!
...of course, all the data, and information that our amazing AI-powered leads finder software collects is openly available to the general public...
ANNE is web based software. No additional software is required to be installed on your machine. So you can access it from any laptop/pc.

To get the Email Service to work you need an active Google Workspace Server subscription. In all our tests Google provides the best deliverability.

The basic plan starts at $6 and has a FREE 14 Day Trial.

To send emails, you will need a custom domain for each email account. Start with one email account.

You need to get the domain from NameSilo because they are an approved partner of Google and therefore allow us to automatically connect your domain to the email server.

So, here are the running costs for ANNE:
  • Google Workspace Subscription - $6 (FREE 14 Day Trial)
  • Domain - Around $5 each domain
This month only, we are offering you a complete "Done For You" setup of ANNE totally FREE of charge!

Once you have submitted the details of your Domain & Google Subscription a member of our team will set up and connect ANNE to everything for you!

The simple step-by-step instructions on how to get us to do all the heavy lifting for you are explained within the member's area after purchase.


Limited Time Special: $197 + $29/month

Money Back Guarantee. 7 Day No Questions Asked!


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